precautions for novice running marathon

1. Don't stay up late to ensure sleep quality.

Don't stay up late the day before running the marathon to ensure sufficient sleep, so as not to affect the normal performance in the next day!

Don't be excessive, don't have stress and tension, affect sleep quality!

2. do not eat spicy and irritating food.

Do not eat spicy, greasy and irritating foods before the game! Otherwise, your body and stomach can't stand it. If you suddenly have a stomach during the game, you will not be able to complete the game!

It is recommended to eat some light foods that help digestion! You can't eat too much.

3.  do not wear new sportswear and running shoes.

You must wear professional sportswear and sneakers to participate in the marathon, but you cannot buy it newly. You must run in before you can run the marathon. Even the best shoes, you can not be sure to cooperate with your feet. It was uncomfortable, and his feet were abandoned at tens of kilometers.

It is best to wear shoes that run by the marathon by yourself. The clothes should be strong. When running, a lot of sweat will not cover yourself too hot!

4.  stretch and relaxation before the game.

The stretching activity before the game is also very important, because it is necessary to run for a long time, which has a vital test of the size of the legs and muscle groups in the legs to prevent the leg muscle cramps in the game. Essence

Professional stretch personnel can stretch the legs of the legs of the legs, and the stretching and relaxation of the grain muscles of the calf. So the whole body activity and stretching before and after the game are important!

5. do not drink a lot of water during the game.

In the marathon, do not drink a lot of water when you encounter a water station. Generally, drink a sip of water to wet your mouth and vomit.

Or drink a small mouthful to add your body moisture! During the game, you can also use water to cool your body to prevent your body temperature and heat stroke!

6.  the even breathing rhythm during the game.

Keep a uniform breathing rhythm during the game. Do not breathe a large mouthful, otherwise there will be a hypoxia if you ca n’t run far. Finally, you will be lifted with an oxygen cover!

7.  stretching and relaxation after the game.

After the marathon is over, be sure to stretch the legs and relax the muscles again. The muscle constantly shrink and relax, and there will be strong fatigue and soreness. After running, the muscles will feel nervous, so be sure to stretch and relax.

The lactic acid released in the body for a long time will make the muscles sore. If it is not stretched for a long time, it will make it difficult for you to walk in the next few days!

8. You can't stop immediately when you rush through the end.

The marathon cannot stop immediately after running the end. After the emergency stop, the number of muscles will reduce the number of muscles, and the blood flow rate of the body will drop immediately. If it is a person with low blood pressure, it is likely to cause the brain for short -term ischemia or even coma.

After the end of the end, you have to jog for a while, there is a buffer time, and stop for a while to stop for a while!

After the game, you will be very tired and tired. You can rest for three days to one week. After the physical and whole body soreness, you can work normally.

The above is about: precautions for novice running marathon, I hope it will be helpful to you!

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